1. 3 to 6 months before the wedding

    1. Design meeting

    The process of creating a custom-made dress begins with a personal design consultation meeting.

    Each wedding dress is inspired by the bride's unique personality and vision for her wedding. In this meeting, we will work together to decide upon a sketch of your ideal dress by matching your silhouette and desired functionality to elements of design, style and personality.

  2. 3 months before the wedding

    2. Measurement

    We take a thorough set of measurements.

    These measurements will ensure that we provide you with a perfectly fitted and comfortable dress.

  3. 2 months before the wedding

    3. First fitting

    The first fitting is conducted in sample fabric.

    This fitting is your opportunity to confirm the comfort, fit and silhouette of your dress. Based upon your input we will then finalize the fabric and fit adjustments, purchase the material and begin construction of your final dress.

  4. 1 months before the wedding

    4. Final fitting

    This is the day you first wear the dress of your dreams.

    This awaited moment is when you choose the veil and accessories to compliment your dress. We will be happy to show you ways to enhance your overall appearance through the addition of beautiful accessories.

  5. 2days before the wedding

    5. Pre-wedding

    Delivery of the dress and accessories.

    We will deliver the dress and accessories to the wedding venue between two to seven days prior the wedding date.

    We have posted photos of our clients and their weddings on our ALBUM page.